Richardson loft


Project Description

The transformation of this spectacular loft renovation took 18 months, during which we spent 12-hour days at the site working alongside our client, John Richardson, while he was writing A Life of Picasso, Volume II.

The goal of the 5,000-square-foot complete renovation was to preserve the historic beauty of the building while minimally impacting the environment. Unique elements included window restoration, divine pieces of life out of woods from many countries, wood paneling, and custom handmade tile work. We divided the space into a succession of rooms with double doorways set on an axis to keep from wasting any space on corridors. Of the 36 windows in the loft, many were missing pieces, so we aged and processed the wood before installing the new pieces so that the look is consistent throughout. This complete renovation is the crowning achievement of our firm and is the embodiment of our core values of quality craftsmanship and sustainable construction.
—Featured in “Vanity Fair” magazine